Protecting our open spaces and sports facilities

Liberal Democrat councillors got the Council to agree to a motion agreeing to protecting our playing fields, green spaces and sports facilities.  In speaking to many people across the borough we found that residents felt that their open spaces and sports facilities were under threat.  They felt that the Council did not represent their concerns in protecting their open spaces, leisure and sports facilities.  Therefore Lib Dems last Thursday presented a motion to full council.  There was a poor amendment from the Labour councillors which said there was not a ‘threat’ to our green spaces.  This was thrown out and the original motion (see below) was agreed by all councillors.


 This Council: 

  • Notes resident concern about threats to green spaces, playing fields and associated amenities such as sports facilities within our borough.

  • Understands the vital importance of green spaces and playing fields as areas for recreation and sport in both informal and organised capacities.

  • Recognises the importance of local playing fields for local schools.

  • Believes that actively protecting our green spaces and strengthening sports facilities will be a key part of Waltham Forest’s Olympic legacy.

 Therefore, this Council requests that relevant senior officers  

  • Examine current Council policy and practice to ensure that a commitment to green spaces and playing fields is properly reflected in our current framework.

  Report back to councillors highlighting any areas where our policy on the protection of green spaces and playing fields can be strengthened

You can read further about this motion and the debate by following the link below:-


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