Glyn Hopkin Nissan car showrooms corner of Ruckholt Road and Oliver Road to be  re – developed into flats and houses

The owners of the car showroom at the corner of Ruckholt Road and Oliver Road have submitted a plan to re-develop the site with 3 to 5 storey residential development of 107 units – 20 one bed, 32 two bed, 41 three bed and 14 four bed dwellings.

Apart from 10 houses fronting Dunedin Road the rest are flats. Of the 107 units only 54 car parking spaces are planned.  There will be parking for 12 motorbikes and 107 cycles.

The Lib Dem Focus Team and residents know that trying to park a car in this area is virtually impossible and to have a development that does not include a car park space for all the houses and flats is not acceptable.  The Focus Team are also not happy with the planned 5 storey blocks of flats fronting Ruckholt Road.  We believe the plans are an over-development of the site. 

The Planning Department is asking for comments and objections to be notified to them by 19th February.  So if you want to comment or object to the plans then either write to The Development Manager, Sycamore house, Town Hall Complex, Forest Road, London E17 4JF (please copy to the  Focus Team as well). Or telephone the planning officer Ms S Malcolm 020 8496 6708.

The Lib Dem Focus Team will ask that this development goes to the Planning Committee for decision. This will enable up to 3 residents to speak, each for 3 minutes, to the committee. Your Lib Dem councillors will also be able to speak.

If you interested in speaking at the committee, or want to discuss these plans, then contact the Focus Team.

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