Lib Dems freeze Council Tax and keep rents below inflation

Lib Dems put residents first

At a time when residents are feeling the pinch from Labour’s recession, Liberal Democrats have produced a budget that freezes council tax and keeps the rent increase below inflation.

Over the past four years Lib Dem councillors have pledged to keep council tax increases below inflation while maintaining council services. Despite the Labour Government taking millions away from the Council, Lib Dem councillors have kept their pledge and have frozen Council Tax this year. Council rents have been kept to an average rise of less than one percent – well below inflation. 

That’s not all, as well as freezing the council tax; Liberal Democrats have agreed extra money for street cleaning, decreasing parking charges and for protecting children.

Lib Dem parliamentary candidate Cllr. Farooq Qureshi says: Local pensioners and families are already seeing price rises for food, energy and fares.  The more we can do to keep costs down, the more it helps all our residents – particularly those most in need.   

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