Yes to Fairer Votes On the 5th May there will be a referendum on whether we keep the old voting system or whether we change it to a fairer voting system called AV (Alternate Vote).

Instead of just voting X for one candidate that we do now, with AV you will be asked to vote in order of your preference e.g.1, 2, 3, etc..  So MPS who now can be elected on only 1/3rd of the votes will have to get over half the votes to be elected.  So no ones vote is wasted. 

The YES campaign is going very well and winning the argument for a fairer voting system.  So well that the NO campaigners are losing the argument and having been consistently out organised by our grassroots volunteers, have been reduced to scare stories and smears to try to score cheap political points.

They have resorted to gutter politics.  As horrifying as this may sound, the No to AV campaign took out a two-page advertisement in the Birmingham Mail claiming that a sick baby “needs a new cardiac facility NOT an alternative voting system.

 This is shocking and shameful. This is not the debate that the country deserves.

 It’s clear that the No campaign don’t have the decency and integrity to regulate themselves, but this can’t go on. We need the Advertising Standards Authority to issue guidance on this campaign, and fast. Co-sign our letter to the ASA today:

 This isn’t the first time that the No campaign have attempted to play on voters’ fears – but it certainly is the crudest.

 Just last week they claimed that AV would force the UK to spend £130 million on magical electronic counting machines. This neglected one simple fact – there are absolutely no plans to introduce electronic counting machines – there never were. Australia, which has used AV for 80 years, has never used counting machines.

 We must put a stop to these lies, and the only way we can do that is with an open, fair and honest debate – something that is proving surprisingly elusive.

UK voters are entitled to legal, decent, honest and truthful advertising campaigns – these adverts fail on every count. Join us in calling for the ASA to step in today, so that we can get on with the debate the country deserves. 

If you would like further information about the referendum please contact me or you can find out more on


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