Those people who look after someone else are priceless in our society.  They need all the support that they can get.

That is why the Liberal Democrat councillors Council budget included putting an extra £300,000  into respite care, respite breaks and services for carers.  However, unfortunately the Labour and Tory councillors did not support this.  So the vote was lost – see article below for more on the Lib Dem budget..

If you are someone who cares for other people in your family or in the community, you can get free information, advice and support – just call ‘Carers Direct’ free on 0808 802 0202 or go to

As a local councillor, if you need help or advice, then don’t hesitate to contact me or my two Lib Dem councillor colleagues Cllr. Naheed Qureshi and Cllr. Winnie Smith.

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