Next Thursday – Your chance to make YOUR vote count!

On Thursday 5th May you will get the chance to choose a fairer voting system – the Alternative Vote. It’s a small change that will make a big big difference.  Instead of putting one X in a box you will be able to rank your preferences 1,2,3,4 etc. – simple.  

The new voting system will keep what is best about our current system by the link between an MP serving their local constituency – but strengthens it by making MPs work harder to get elected and giving voters more of a say.

This is because, with AV, MPs would now have to aim to get more than 50% of the vote, and so will have to work harder and represent more of their constituents.  The AV system will change this.

Here are 10 good reasons for supporting AV.

1. AV will force MPs to work harder to earn – and keep – our support

MPs need to secure a real majority of voters to be sure of winning, not just the 1 in 3 who can currently hand them power. They’ll need to work harder to get – and keep – their jobs.

2. AV will give us a bigger say on who our local MP is

Forget tactical voting – just pick the candidate you really want to win. But if your favourite doesn’t win you can still have a say.

3. AV will tackle the ‘jobs for life’ culture in Parliament

Too many MPs have ‘safe’ seats for life. We saw that in the expenses crisis. The AV system will change this.

4. AV is an upgrade on our current voting system

AV builds on the current system, eliminating many of its weaknesses, retaining its strengths and strengthening the link between MPs and their communities. Voters still have just one vote.

5. AV will keep extremists out of politics

AV is the anti-extremist system because candidates have to secure a real majority to be sure of winning. First Past the post enables candidates to win with a very small percentage of the vote, which means extremist parties such as the British National Party have more chance of being elected despite most people in an area opposing them. This is one of the reasons why the BNP is opposing AV.

6. AV lets you vote for who you really want

Forget tactical voting- just pick the candidate you really want to win. With AV you can back just one candidate (like now), or if you’d like to, state a second choice, or even a third choice. Voters can vote for what they really want so there is no need to vote tactically.

7. AV gives control to more voters

Less than 2% of voters decided the last election. To be sure of winning a seat with AV, candidates will have to get over 50% of the votes in that area. They will have to work harder and not just take us for granted.

8. AV will force candidates to positively engage with the wider community

First Past the Post has created a culture of complacency whereby most MPs know they can just rely on their core vote. AV rewards politicians who can reach out to a widest range of voters. Politicians will need to engage more constructively with more people if they want to be sure of winning.

9. AV is already used by 14m people in the UK

Alternative Vote (AV) is a widely used and trusted system in Britain outside public elections, because it is used by businesses, charities, trade unions and membership organisations

10. This referendum is a once-in-a-lifetime chance for us to have our say on the current system

MPs have been deciding their own rules for far too long. This is the first time that voters are being given a say on the system we should use to elect MPs.

This is YOUR chance to have YOUR say and to demand more from our democracy.

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