Leyton Mills Safer Business Panel meeting

POLICE3Recently my ward colleagues Cllr. Naheed Qureshi, Winnie Smith and I attended the Leyton Mills Safer Business Panel.  It was held at Asda in Leyton Mills.  It was chaired by Police Sergeant Sarah Brewer and the Safer Neighbourhood Team, along with representatives of the shops and businesses in Leyton Mills.

It was noted that the problems with the DVD sellers and the gambling had virtually disappeared now that the Police are there every day.  There were presentations about preventing crime in the area and discussion about the affects that the Olympic Park would make on the shopping area.  It was agreed that it was important that all the shops and police shared information.

I asked about why the boarded up shops that were next to Asda and opposite TKMaxx had not been let or opened up.  Apparently when they were built there was no space planned for air conditioning in the units and a total lack of a delivery area for the shops.  Unless someone can come up with an innovative plan, then they will remain boarded up.  What a waste!

Anyone who currently visits Leyton Mills shopping area now, will notice that they will not be harassed by illegal DVD sellers.  Although they occasionally are seen popping back to check if the police are still there.  The Eastern European card trick people have also gone away.  Hopefully never to return.

There is another meeting scheduled for the Autumn.  If there are any issues that you would like to bring to our attention about the Leyton Mills shopping area – don’t wait for the Autumn, please get in touch with me or Cllr. Naheed Qureshi or Cllr. Winnie Smith.

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