Is this one of the worst designed buildings in Leyton!


The Council, in partnership with the Waltham Forest Guardian, is running a design awards scheme for 2011.  They are looking to recognise and reward quality design.

I would like to put forward this building as the worstdesigned building in Leyton.  This is in Ruckholt Road, sandwiched between the iconic Leyton Library and a row of Victorian houses.  The design does not relate to any of the nearby architecture, but is just a plain dull block of flats.

Considering its position on a prominent corner, housing the Library and the Old Town Hall, you may wonder how the Council agreed it to be built.  I can only assume that in their rush to get more flats built, as they have been doing, they allowed this monstrosity to be built without caring about the design and impact on Leyton.

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