Primrose Road site – derelict for years!


Local residents have been concerned about the unfinished building in Primrose Road, just off of Grange Park Road, that has been left half built for years. 

Apparently plans were agreed in 2004 but were amended in 2009 for 10 one bed flats.  The amended plans were refused in 2009.  So it has been left. 

The two agents for the scheme are no longer involved and the Council is trying to find out who owns the land. The Council say, that as the Local Planning Authority, there is little that the Council can do. 

I would assume that when the owner is found the Council could come to some agreement, but another block of 10 one bed flats is not what this area really needs.

2 thoughts on “Primrose Road site – derelict for years!

  1. ben says:

    finally they have started to finish these flats!

    • bobsullivan says:

      It has taken a long time. They are advertised as ‘luxury flats’ not sure what that means. When they were lying derelect the rooms looked very small.

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