Skeltons Lane Park and Brooks Farm – Vandalism!

Visitors to Skeltons Lane Park or Brooks Farm will have found the park gates locked.  This is because a senseless vandal set light to the tree which is in the centre of the climbing play equipment.  The fire has not only killed the tree but has damaged the woodwork of the climbing frame.

Contractors are now working to replace the damaged play equipment.  The tree will be cut down but the stump of the tree will be left.  They reckon to have the play equipment repaired by 21st October.  If it is not fully repaired, then the contractors have assured the Council that they will get to a point with their repairs whereby the park can be opened and the play equipment safe to use for the weekend of the 22nd October when there will be a fun event at Brooks Farm.

I cannot see what fun it is to the person or persons who vandalised this childrens play area.  It is a very well used by local children and their families.  If any one is aware of who may have done this, then could you contact me in confidence, so that we can bring these people to book. 

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