Riverley/Willowbrook – Street Party

Last week I joined Riverley and Willowbrook Primary Schools’ joint street party to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in Marsh Lane.  It was a fantastic event. 

There were two parties – one for the Infants and one for the Juniors.  All the children were resplendent in their colourful hats and outfits which they had made themselves.  The sight of the youngest children brought tears to my eyes as they paraded into Marsh Lane to collect their cakes, biscuits and drinks.  After finishing their food they were escorted back to their schools to make way for the juniors – taller and noisier than the Infants but enjoying themselves too.

The photographer from the local Guardian must have taken some fantastic photos of children really enjoying themselves. I hope some will appear in the next edition of the WF Guardian.  I have included a couple of photos that I took.

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