Latest Controlled Parking Survey

The current FOCUS Parking Survey is getting a massive response across the south of Waltham Forest which faced draconian parking restrictions during the Olympic Games.

If you haven’t already received a copy you can download it here: Leyton 335

Completed copies of the survey should be returned to:

The FOCUS Team, 24 Thornhill Road, E10 5LL

It is also vital that every household completes, and returns, the Council’s consultation document, so that they receive a comprehensive view from of all residents. A recent article in the Waltham Forest Guardian suggests the Council would be happy with a 15-20% response rate.

Lets make sure they hear from everybody!

If you have not received a copy of the consultation, please ring the Town Hall on 8496 3000 today.

All replies must be sent to the Council by 22 October.

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