Lib Dems Sweep to Victory in Eastleigh!

Mike Thornton (centre) the new MP for Eastleigh being congratulated by David Chidgey (the first Lib Dem MP for Eastleigh) and MEP Caroline Bearder

After being written off by the media, the Liberal Democrats won a stunning by-election victory in Eastleigh, knocking Tory and Labour into 3rd and 4th place.

Given the circumstances of the by-election and the pounding by the media in order to discredit the party, Lib Dems came through, winning an outstanding victory.

The Result

Mike Thornton LIB DEM = 13,342

Diane James UKIP = 11,571

Maria Hutchings CON = 10,559

John O’Farrell LAB = 4,066

Danny Stupple = 768

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