The latest edition of the Leyton FOCUS Newsletter is hot off the press and will be delivered across the ward by our volunteer helpers.

Please contact Bob Sullivan on 8556 8335 if you would like to help deliver the FOCUS near your home. It is usually published about every six weeks and a round should take about 45 minutes. Thank you.

You can access a copy of the FOCUS here: Leyton 359

2 thoughts on “LEYTON FOCUS NEWSLETTER 359

  1. Claire Morrison says:

    I am a resident of Goldsmith Road and I am contacting you with an on going problem I have with parking. I hate the very topic of parking but recently I have become aware of an increasing number of people leaving their cars in the street for up to a week at a time. I have currently a massive white high top van outside my flat. It has been there for 5 days now and no one has returned to it in that time. It is taking up 2 parking spaces and along with 2 cars in the next bay taking up 3 spaces, I am finding it increasing frustrating. Along side this we has the useless camera car taking a space too. We also have on occassion the people from the block across the road also using the street to park in as their cars are not very safe around the back of their building.

    I am in quite acute pain and can’t carry a great deal too and from my car. I also have the safety of my dogs to consider too. It’s so boring having to complain about this sort of nonsense but i was hoping maybe you can help. I have called the police and the vehicles are all owned by local residents in nearby streets. I can only imagine this is an effect of residents parking being brought into their roads.

    Any input would be appreciated. Best wishes, Claire

    • bobsullivan says:

      Since the CPZ in my road and nearby roads have come into force then Goldsmith Road has now beocme one of the roads that can be parked in that has not a CPZ. As i spoke to to you I am considering a CPZ survey in Goldsmoth and Grange Park Road in the new year to see if residents have changed their mind about a CPZ. Your box of pills worked well. Best wishes for Christmas.

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