PRESS RELEASE – Waltham Forest Lib Dems slam Labour’s ‘APPRENTICE-STYLE BOARDROOM’

The total cost of the new refurbishments at Waltham Forest Town Hall has been uncovered by Lib Dem councillor for Cann Hall ward Liz Phillips. According to a written answer to Councillor Phillips, the cost of the new Town Hall reception area and what has been dubbed ‘The Boardroom’ by the council now totals £610,000.

Councillor Liz Phillips said:

“Whilst there was clearly some need for private meeting spaces for residents, these costs seem exorbitant to me.”

“This new boardroom looks like no more than a vanity project so Labour Cabinet members can sit there and pretend to be Alan Sugar.

“Labour claim that some of the costs will be paid for through renting it out but no doubt it will be Waltham Forest residents who pick up the lion’s share of the bill.

“Labour Cabinet members should reflect on whether that money could have been better spent on our young people, for example on ensuring that the council finally meet their apprenticeship targets for this Borough or keeping open Harrow Green library.”

Planning Update – 590/594 Leyton High Road


Vacant plot at the junction of Leyton High Road and Hainault Road

Planning Application 2011/0870

This application covered the erection of a 3-5 storey building, with office use on the ground floor and 23 residential units with three disabled parking spaces.  This latest planning application for this landmark site at the junction of Leyton High Road and Hainault Road was considered by the Planning Committee last night.    

I am pleased to confirm that it was, once again, rejected.

WESTFIELD – access restricted Friday 3rd and Saturday 4th August

Friday 3rd and Saturday 4th August


On these days all Olympic Park venues will be operational and a large increase in the number of Olympic Games visitors is expected.

To assist with the smooth running of the Games access to the Westfield Shopping Centre will be restricted from 10.30am until 5.00pm. Only the following will be allowed access:

  • Accredited personnel

  • Hospitality visitors

  • Games ticket holders

Outside these hours the shops will be open to all visitors until 11.00pm and restaurants and leisure until 12.30am.

590-594 High Road Leyton – Planning Application

Planning Application Number: 2011/0870

A developer has lodged another planning application for this landmark site at the junction of High Road Leyton and Hainault Road.


  • Erection of a 3 – 5 storey building
  • 286 sqm. B1 office use on the ground floor
  • 23 residential units comprising 1 x 3 bedroom house, 3 x 4 bedroom house and 19 flats (9 x 1 bed and 10 x 2 bed)
  • 3 disabled parking spaces

The planning application is scheduled to be heard by the Planning Committee on 2nd. August

Full details can be found on the Council’s website:

Any comments should be sent to:

The Development Manager, London Borough of Waltham Forest, Sycamore House, Waltham Forest Town Hall, Forest Road, E17 4JF

Leyton Sports Field – SUCCESS

Residents of Villiers Close, Ive Farm Close and Oliver Close are relieved to hear that the company planning to put an Olympic campsite on the Leyton Sports Field, which backs on to their homes, has withdrawn from the negotiations with the Council.

The Council wanted them to pay £1million which the company said that would make them operate at a loss.

Focus says:

This is good news for residents. Now they will be able to enjoy the Olympics without the noise and disturbance in the night from the campsite.

Residents’ anger at Council’s Olympic Parking follow up

The Olympic Parking Zone came into force on 16th July and is due to finish on 9th September.

Some residents are angry that some roads, which have just gone through a Council consultation on a Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) are to have a further consultation after the Olympic Zone parking has finished.

Residents who said NO say they meant it and are suspicious of the Council’s plans.

Focus says:

“This is a contentious issue, brought up at our last Councillors and Residents meeting. As explained at the meeting the decision will, as always, be made by the majority of residents in the roads.

We urge all residents, whatever their views, to reply to all Council consultations to ensure that their voices are heard.

New Surgery – now weekly!

The Service Station near Leyton Midland Road Overground Station

Following the successful launch of the new councillor surgery/advice centre at the M&S/BP Service Station the Liberal Democrats are pleased to announce that it will be held on Friday every week.

M&S/BP Service Station, Leyton High Road

junction of Fletcher Lane

Open every Friday for 1 hour from 7pm until 8pm.

As usual no appointments are necessary and all consultations are confidential.


Temporary Olympic Parking Zone starts 16 July

The Olympic parking zone covers all roads south of Lea Bridge Road. This includes all roads in Leyton.

The ward has been split into three zones GO5, GO7, and GO8 – residents living in GO5 will not be able to park in GO7 and vice versa.

You need to register your vehicle either by phone 0300 111 2012 or on-line at:

If you don’t have a vehicle but have visitors, you need to register your address and set up an ‘account’ to access parking vouchers for them.

Additional information can be found on the Leyton and Wanstead Lib Dem website.

New Councillor Surgery – M&S/BP Service Station – Leyton High Road

The M&S/BP Service Station near Leyton Midland Road Overground Station


The Liberal Democrat councillors are planning a new Councillor Surgery/Advice Centre based at the:  

M&S Shop at the BP Service Station in Leyton High Road,  at the junction with Fletcher Lane.

The first session will be on:

Friday 13th July

from 7.00pm to 8.30pm

Further sessions will be notified on the websites and in FOCUS Newsletters.



Bob Sullivan with local residents at Ive Farm talking to a Guardian reporter

Last week Leyton ward Councillor Bob Sullivan arranged for residents to present their petition to the Mayor.

 The Council is still negotiating turning Ive Farm Playing Field, which they have left derelict, into a campsite for the Olympics.

Oliver Close, Villiers Close and Ive Farm Close residents whose homes back onto the site have objections and organised a protest on the field.

Leyton Ward Councillor Bob Sullivan said:

“It’s now less than two months until the Olympics and the council still can’t give us a decision. This will cause untold disruption if it is allowed to happen and the council need to think again.

 “I’m pleased that residents were able to deliver this petition to the Mayor. The council must now take this issue seriously and listen to residents’ concerns about posting a campsite at Ive Farm in a heavily residential area.”