Lib Dem enforcement pledge to drivers

Picture courtesy of Waltham Forest GuardianLib Dem Cabinet Member for Environment, Cllr Bob Belam, announced a new scheme telling drivers exactly where CCTV enforcement vehicles will be deployed.

The initiative, believed to be the first of its kind in the Country, aims to promote safer driving, reduce road accidents and lower the number of penalty charge notices issued to motorists for transgressions such as stopping in a box junction.

Details of where the boroughs five CCTV enforcement vehicles will be are available for viewing on the Waltham Forest Council website at

CCTV vehicles are deployed in the identified areas because residents have complained about congestion, accidents and other issues in their vicinity,

Cllr Bob Belam, said: “The main aim of our traffic enforcement team is to improve safety for all of Waltham Forest’s roads users. It is not about making money at the expense of motorists.

“We hope this scheme will encourage people to drive more carefully, especially at the locations where we issue most of our penalty charge notices, and help us to improve traffic flow and reduce accidents.

Waltham Forest Council’s CCTV vehicles are responsible for recording moving traffic violations, such as stopping in box junctions, driving in bus lanes and making banned turns. They are also used for parking enforcement purposes.

The statutory penalty charge for a moving traffic violation is £120, reduced to £60 if paid within 14 days.

Lib Dems reduce car parking charges

Waltham Forest Liberal Democrats have approved a plan to reduce key parking charges following their review of the Councils parking strategy .

For residents living in controlled parking zones (CPZ’s) visitor permits have been reduced by up to 14.5%, business permits reduced by 5% and for the fourth year in a row car park charges and on-street parking vouchers have been frozen. Refund and administration fees have also been slashed by up to 61%.

Referring to Labour’s Council motion in December last year Cabinet Member for Environment Cllr Bob Belam said:

“While others produce reports Liberal Democrats have again led the way by reducing key parking charges for the next financial year.”

“In the current economic climate it is right that we listen to our residents and businesses and help them where we can.”

  • A 12 month business permit is reduced from £410 to £390
  • CPZ visitors permits will reduce from
    • £21 to £18 for books of 5 hrs tickets
    • £18 to £16 for books of 2 hr tickets
    • £15 to £14 for books of 1 hr tickets
  • 15 Minute School permits stay at £15 for low emission vehicles

George Mitchell School and the Cricket Ground

George Mitchell school will not be re-built on the cricket ground.  This was a statement read out by Cllr. Chris Robins to the councillors at the Council meeting on Thursday.  He said that the George Mitchell governors had rejected forming a trust with Norlington School and that this decision had been accepted by the Council.  He went on to say that there will not be a development of a secondary school on the cricket ground and Norlington will remain a boys school. 

The new plans for George Mitchell, Norlington and of course Beaumont primary school will no doubt come out over the next few weeks.  I hope to be able to report on this in the New Year.

Can I take this opportunity to wish you all a very Happy Christmas and hope to see you all in the New Year.

Protecting our open spaces and sports facilities

Liberal Democrat councillors got the Council to agree to a motion agreeing to protecting our playing fields, green spaces and sports facilities.  In speaking to many people across the borough we found that residents felt that their open spaces and sports facilities were under threat.  They felt that the Council did not represent their concerns in protecting their open spaces, leisure and sports facilities.  Therefore Lib Dems last Thursday presented a motion to full council.  There was a poor amendment from the Labour councillors which said there was not a ‘threat’ to our green spaces.  This was thrown out and the original motion (see below) was agreed by all councillors.


 This Council: 

  • Notes resident concern about threats to green spaces, playing fields and associated amenities such as sports facilities within our borough.

  • Understands the vital importance of green spaces and playing fields as areas for recreation and sport in both informal and organised capacities.

  • Recognises the importance of local playing fields for local schools.

  • Believes that actively protecting our green spaces and strengthening sports facilities will be a key part of Waltham Forest’s Olympic legacy.

 Therefore, this Council requests that relevant senior officers  

  • Examine current Council policy and practice to ensure that a commitment to green spaces and playing fields is properly reflected in our current framework.

  Report back to councillors highlighting any areas where our policy on the protection of green spaces and playing fields can be strengthened

You can read further about this motion and the debate by following the link below:-



Why shouldnt you park outside Leyton Underground Station? Whats happening on Leyton High Rd? What can new mums get upto?

The latest copy of the FOCUS NEWSLETTER is available HERE.

Download a copy and find out what is happening in your neighbourhood.

Dedicated volunteers will also begin delivering copies to you – if you know someone who does not receive a copy – please contact me immediately.


Both myself and Cllr Naheed Qureshi attended the Planning Committee meeting Last night to speak on behalf of residents of Oliver Close against the plans from London and Quadrant to build 18 houses and 16 flats on the Edith Pearson Lodge site in Oliver Close.  Despite a call from residents of Oliver Close, particularly those from Robinia Crescent, Magnolia Close and me to reject the planning application as an over-development of the area:  Labour Councillors used their majority to vote against residents wishes and voted in FAVOUR of the development being built in Oliver Close, Leyton.

London & Quadrant (L&Q) have acquired the former Edith Pearson Lodge site in Oliver Close and submitted an application to build 18 three and four bedroom houses as well as 16 one and two bedroom flats.

All three Liberal Democrat Councillors on the Planning Committee listened to local residents concerns about over-crowding the possible increase in crime and lack of parking and in particular the over-development in this small area of Oliver Close.  They all voted AGAINST the application by L&Q.  One Conservative Councillor voted against the application and the second abstained.  The four Labour councillors on the committee voted for the developement.  This meant the Labour Chairman Cllr Masood Ahmad – Labour Councillor for Lea Bridge Wards casting vote pushed the plans through.

After the meeting, the L&Q representative who attended the meeting became very abusive towards residents and Cllr  Naheed Qureshi and I – stating that he had not attended a residents meeting called a few weeks ago by myself as he did not believe such meetings were ever effective and were an excuse for so called ‘mud-slinging’!

The Lib Dem FOCUS Team appreciate that there is a dire need for more HOUSES to be built in Leyton and welcome new houses –  as there are far too many families living in overcrowded and appalling conditions.  However in a small area in Oliver Close do we need to cram in 18 large houses and 16 1 and 2 bed flats as well.  With minimal parking space?  The site once completed will potentially accommodate 34 more families!!!! In such a small space? This could be a recipe for disaster…………….

Councillors Surgery Advice Centre

Our Liberal Democrat councillors Surgery and advice centre is:

Every Saturday at Leyton Library- corner of Leyton High Road and Ruckholt Road – please note that the Library is currently being refurbished and is temporarily in the former Nat West bank offices in Leyton High Road at the junction with Murchison Road and opposite the Coach & Horses public house.

10.00 am till 12 noon

All is in confidence and no appointment is neccessary