Sport England concerned about Drapers Field sell off

Drapers Field with the all-weather pitch in the distance

When notified that the Council is negotiating to lease Drapers Field to the Olympic Authority for a year and a half, Sport England, the body concerned with encouraging sporting activities across England, were concerned that Leyton would lose its valuable sports area before and during the Olympics.

Only ten years ago the National Lottery Sports Fund awarded nearly a million pounds to build the all weather sports pitch and changing rooms.  This along with another £500,000 from the Council made Drapers Field a valuable sports and leisure facility for local people.  Another £132,000 was spent on the Drama and Music Centre.

To tarmac or concrete over this for use by the Olympic Authority for an Olympic Village holding area for provisions, or a rumoured car park, will be a disaster for local people, schools and sports clubs.  Over 9,000 people a month use Drapers Field, making it one of the best used sports facilities in the borough. 

Cllr. Bob Sullivan is due to meet representitives of Sport England to discuss the loss of Drapers Field and who may be able to stop the Labour councillors hare-brained scheme.

An update from the meeting will follow soon.

If you would like to help in our campaign to keep Drapers Field, then please sign our on-line petition at:

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