Voting mistake delays election result

The local election in may for councillors in High Street ward has had to be recounted as a council officer seems to have given all the labour candidates an extra 1,000 votes. A bit unfair to the Liberal Democrat councillors who came second and lost their seats.
The error was discovered completly by accident, by a person who was checking the results and reported to the Council that the votes did not add up.
The Liberal Democrats had to petition the court for the votes to be recounted.
The votes were recounted in a court overseen by a judge. Unfortunately the result of the recount must also be declared in a court.

The result will be declared on the 8th of September at the Royal Courts of Justice, where we hope that another Liberal Democrat councillor will be elected to Waltham forest council in place of a Labour candidate.

Some residents have said that only by pure accident these votes were identified, what other votes could have been miscounted?  We may never know!

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