LEYTON FESTIVAL – expensive fiasco!

Last month the Council put on a so called ‘Big Weekend’ Leyton Festival at the cricket ground for two days and forgot to tell residents that it was on.  No local groups or nearby residents were told, so it was not surprising that not many turned up.   The cost of this fiasco was £100,000.The Labour Council has been going on about the cuts it has to make to get its budget under control, but can still mismanage and waste thousands of pounds.

Councillor Bob Sullivan was surprised, when trying to organise a local ‘Funday’ in June at Brooks Farm and Skeltons Lane Park, to be told that the Council had no money or people to help with the Funday.

They also failed to mention any festival or the £100,000 it was planning to spend on the ‘Big Weekend’ in September.Before making cuts to front line services the Council needs to get a grip on wasting tax payers’ money.

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