Say YES to a fairer system of voting

On Saturday I joined my colleagues Councillors Winnie Smith and Naheed Qureshi  outside Tescos in Leyton for a spot of campaigning for the Referendum on Fair Votes which is due to be held on May 5th this year.

We had a good response from the public; who seemed extremely interested in the subject. There are still many misconceptions and misinformation that are being printed to persuade people to vote no. Mainly from MPs that want to keep their jobs for life.  However, I would urge each and every one of you to find out more about the referendum and try to understand just how beneficial it will be for you!

The Alternative Vote system will change parliament forever, introducing a fair, more accountable voting system for Westminster. No more being elected by only 3 out of 10 people in your area.

 It builds on the current system and makes it better, eliminating many of its weaknesses and keeping its strengths.   It’s a long overdue upgrade to make a 19th century system fit for the politics of the 21st century. 

MPs will need to secure at least 50% of the vote to be certain of winning – under the current First Past the Post system, MPs can get elected with less than 30% of constituents supporting them. This means that MPs will need to work harder and go further to get, and keep, your support. They’ll have to appeal to more people in the communities they seek to represent. Doing just enough won’t be enough any more.

If you would like further information about the referendum please contact me or alternatively you can find out more on

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