Police stations – not open for business!

A couple of Thursdays ago a resident got mugged in the street.  His friend went to Leyton Police station but found the station closed.  He went to Walthamstow and then to Chingford.  They were also closed.  This was between 9.00am and 10.30am!  He was told that Wanstead was closed and that the nearest Police station open was in Ilford.  The resident was astounded that he could not contact the police about the serious matter of a mugging.

I contacted the Police and have been told that the opening hours of some police stations in the borough have been temporarily altered in order to deploy as many police officers as possible onto the streets.

However, it seems that it is not ‘some’ but all of the police stations in Waltham Forest  have had their opening hours reduced and temporarily closed.  I hope that this is temporary measure and that the closures do not become the norm.

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