Save Harrow Green Library – update

Harrow Green Library to be axed by Labour CouncilThe Liberal Democrat petition to ‘Save Harrow Green’ library of over 1000 signatures, has been handed to the Council.  Along with another residents petition, the total signatures comes to over 4000.

These petitions indicate the overwhelming support by residents that they want to keep the library open.

The Councils consultation on the review of libraries has come to an end and will be reported to the Cabinet on the 11th of October.

Lib Dem councillors Liz Phillips and Bob Sullivan were members of a Scrutiny Panel that scrutinised the original Cabinet report.  The panel noted that the Cabinet report left many questions unanswered and while it contained a great deal of information, it was not always the right information.  They felt the report did not do a complete job.  The panel identified 19 recomendations which will be given to the Cabinet in October.  If implemented would support the expansive Library and Information Service, whilst negating the closure of any library.

Among the 19 panel recommendations to enable libraries to afford keeping open, were the shelving of the Sunday openings and all libraries should be closed on Mondays.  Opening hours should be reviewed.  The charges for the use of libraries to be reviewed.  Consider locating staff from rental premises to space currently available in Harrow Green Library.  Review salaries and grading of staff and review library contracts e.g. cleaning services.  There were many other recommendations, which hopefully, will give the Cabinet reasons to save the libraries from closure.

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