Council puts children at risk!

A significant number of vulnerable children in Waltham Forest have not been adequately protected and were put at risk of harm due to the Council’s failures.  This was revealed after an unannounced inspection by the Government’s Ofsted inspectors.

The report said ‘plans were inadequate, leaving them (the children) at risk of harm’.  Warnings were not acted upon and management’s oversight of the problems was poor.

Given the terrible case of ‘Baby P’ in Haringey, the councillor cabinet member for Children’s Services should have been more aware of the deficiencies of the department. 

Councillor responsible for Childrens Services is still in the Cabinet! 

Lib Dem Cllr.Naheed Qureshi says:  The Director and deputy for Children’s Services have left the Council for various reasons.  Why is the councillor responsible for Children’s Services still in the Cabinet?  Transferring her to Housing does not cover up the fact that her Cabinet position, with pay of £31,000 was to oversee Children’s Services and be responsible for children’s safety. To put children at risk of harm cannot be hidden by putting her in charge of Housing.

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