WINDSOR ROAD – traffic problems

Since the Council blocked of Buckingham Road, Windsor Road became the only direct road between Oliver Road and the High Road.  The parked cars each side of the road will not allow vehicles to pass each other so vehicles coming from both the High Road and Oliver meet in the middle.  This has caused angry words, congestion and speeding vehicles which try to make it to the other end of the road before other vehicles come into the road.  

To find out residents views The Focus Team did a traffic survey in Windsor Road.  The response was overwhelming, most people felt that there was a traffic problem and agreed that a one-way system in the road would help to reduce the log jams that arise when vehicles are unable to pass each other.  Residents views were split on what way the one way system they would like.

Having collated the responses from the survey replies the results were as follows:   
Is there a traffic problem in the road – YES 83.33%   NO 16.66%
Those that agreed also said that a one way system should be put in the road.
37.5% said the one way should be from the High Road to Oliver Road.
39.5% said it should be from Oliver Road to the High Road.
2 people did not choose, and 1 had an alternative of making Windsor Road one way both from Oliver Road and the High Road meeting at Brisbane Road.

These results have been sent to the Council’s Traffic Engineers with the hope that something can be done to help out the resident’s of Windsor Road.

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