Serious questions must again be asked regarding the competence of the Labour-run Council after it emerged that, at a recent Cabinet meeting, leading Councillors approved the 2012-13 Budget Review of ‘Fees and Charges’ without realising it was in places identical to that of the previous fiscal year. The mistake was only identified and rectified when pointed out by shocked Liberal Democrat councillors several days after the meeting had taken place.

It has taken months for the real figures to be released to the Liberal Democrats and now will not be approved by the Council until March, 5 months late. 

This follows on from reports earlier this month, raised by Lib Dem Group Leader Cllr Bob Sullivan, that the Labour administration had failed to honour their pledge to ensure local businesses were receiving payment within 10 days: money that could make the difference between a company staying afloat or going under in these difficult economic times. 

Commenting, Cllr Sullivan said:“I am appalled that something like this has been approved by the Labour Cabinet without even the slightest glance at the figures. 

“If Liberal Democrats hadn’t noticed this and chased it up with officers, residents in Leyton and elsewhere would have been faced with confusion over services, or even worse another large hike in fees. 

“Labour councillors from top to bottom aren’t putting in the hours and doing due diligence in important areas. It’s now only a matter of weeks until we set the council’s budget for next year and Labour need to end this appalling complacency before then. The residents of Waltham Forest should not have to suffer the consequences of Labour’s incompetence.”

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