L & Q News

Beaumont Estate may be given the bird! 

Many residents of the Beaumont Estate are complaining about the roosting pigeons that mess up their balconies and windows.

Councillor Bob Sullivan has been told that L & Q is looking into getting a hawk to patrol the estate.

Lea Hall Gardens

The proposed redevelopment of Lea Hall Gardens by L & Q is awaiting the Government spending review in the autumn.

Crescent Road – call for signs

The Focus Team is trying to get a ‘No Through Road’ sign put up at the entrance to Crescent Road, off Church Road, as large lorries attempt to use it as a cut through, only to find it difficult to turn round when they realise it is a cul-de-sac.

The Team is also trying to get a new sign for Goldsmith Road, at the junction with Park Road, as the sign appears to have been taken.

Lib Dems call for Labour council to apologise to residents

Liberal Democratshave demanded that the Council apologises to local residents for wasting hundreds of thousands of pounds on the departure of Andrew Kilburn the Chief Executive.

Councillor Naheed Qureshi says: “At a time when money is tight and every penny counts, it is a scandal that Labour councillors are prepared to spend hundreds of thousands of pounds to get rid of someone.

There are many important local services that badly need that sort of cash.

It is a bit rich of Labour councillors to complain about cuts  and then go on to waste money on this scale. Local taxpayers deserve a Council that spends their money responsibly.”

Windsor Road

Councillor Bob Sullivan is pressing the Council to investigate making Windsor Road one-way.

This road is too narrow for cars to pass each other which causes angry scenes and hooting as vehicles refuse to reverse.

We will keep you updated on progress.

Lib Dems push Government to build new schools in Waltham Forest

Cllr Bob Sullivan at George Mitchell SchoolLiberal Democrat councillors are pressing the Government to provide money for new school buildings for our local children.

“Anyone who has visited schools such as George Mitchell and Buxton (formerly Tom Hood) knows how much new buildings are needed. We owe it to the children of our borough to do all we can to provide them with the high quality education they deserve. This includes making sure that they can learn in decent surroundings,” said Liberal Democrat Group Leader Bob Sullivan.

The Liberal Democrat group is hugely disappointed that the cancellation of Building Schools for the Future (BSF) programme has hit local schools so badly. It is an enormous shame, but if Labour had made faster progress with the BSF schemes since 2003 we would not now be in the situation where more Waltham Forest schools have been stopped compared with other boroughs. However Lib Dem councillors believe the important thing is what happens next.

Councillor Winnie Smith says: “BSF was a cumbersome, bureaucratic and expensive way of funding school buildings which funnelled money into the pockets of consultants and private contractors. The government has pledged to continue to invest in school buildings and the Liberal Democrats will be at the forefront of the campaign to make sure that Waltham Forest schools get their fair share of this spending.”

DRAPERS FIELD – the end of sports facilities?

Drapers Field with the all-weather pitch in the distanceThe Labour Cabinet has agreed in principle to close Drapers Field for 16 months from September 2011.

The Waltham Forest Guardian archives show that over £1.5 million has been spent installing the all-weather pitch, and upgrading the other sports facilities.

The Council Leader is reported to have said: “We would be able, through the compensation package, to completely refurbish Draper’s Field … we could turn it into a very special park.”

The FOCUS Team notes that there is no mention of it being reinstated as a sports field, which it has been since the late 1800s.

If you believe that, as an Olympic borough, we should be cherishing our sporting facilities. Please sign our on-line petition at:


Olympic Funding comes to Leyton High Road

You may have read the news a few months ago, that Leyton High Road and the Ruckholt Road area are due to be given a facelift thanks to the Olympics.

Cllrs Qureshi, Smith and I were invited to a meeting recently; to take a look at the changes that are being proposed to parts of Leyton High Rd over the coming years as we build up to the Olympics.

Almost £5 million is set to be spent in the area. Changes that are being proposed include new seating areas, shop frontages and lighting along the High Rd, in particular.

Although they are in their initial stages and subject to a consultation (which I am told is going to take place very soon) , I am very excited, as some of the planned changes will, i believe, transform the area and give it a much needed facelift. I have my reservations, about a few proposed changes around the Leyton station area; which I spoke about in the meeting. I do hope my suggestions are taken on board.

The officers concerned, visited the Leyton & Whipps Cross Community Council which took place last month and outlined initial plans to the members of the public who were in attendance.

If you would like to know more about the proposed changes, please email me.


Leyton Cricket Ground was heaving in July as families gathered to enjoy a fun day out. I took my grandaughter along too and she was not dissapponted. The Noor Ul Islam Summer Fair now takes its place as a must-go event in the annual calendar for Leyton. Pictured above with me is Cllr. Naheed Qureshi and her son Zakariah.

I was extremely thrilled to attend this event as it is not every day that a mosque puts on a summer fair, which is attended by a cross section of the local community. Well, it was held over a weekend actually, such was the demand for tickets. 

The Noor Ul Islam mosque which is based on High Rd, Leyton ought to be congratulated for their hard work in the borough. They have worked wonders for the local muslim community. They have also strived to bridge te gap between the muslim and non muslim community and I do hope they continue to grow as an organisation. And that other mosques take valuable lessons from them in terms of how vital the role of a mosque is in this ethnically diverse part of London.